IS Recruiter – Abu Khaled Al-Cambodi from Australia


Neil Prakash, aka Abu Khaled Al Cambodi, narrates ‘his story’ in a twelve and a half minute video rant in which he describes his conversion from Buddhism to Islam and subsequent move from Melbourne, Australia to the Caliphate as a foreign fighter abandoning the “Land of Shirk”.

Prakash (Fijian and Cambodian descent), is an associate of former Kings Cross bouncer and dead IS recruiter Mohammad Ali Baryalei (video), and has emerged in recent months as a chief IS recruiter. Image below is from DABIQ8.


Mention is made of the men who were recently raided in Operation Rising, (here), and also “dear brother Numan” (here), who was shot and killed by Joint Terrorism Task Force, 23 September 2014.

This should be a signal to others that ‘Abu Khaled Al Cambodi’ and his contacts and network have been compromised. The video release coincides with Australian PM Tony Abbott’s ANZAC Centenary trip to Turkey,(here) in regard to stopping foreign fighters entering through Turkey to conflict zones. 

The propaganda message of the “hijrah”  or emigration to Syria is accompanied with a call  to ‘lone wolves’  to ‘rise up’  and is eerily familiar to the battle cry heard in the last days of Adolf Hitler and the child soldiers of Berlin. 

video below

Blackburn boy, 14, charged over Australia terrorism ‘plot’ April 2nd 2015 here)

More arrests 7th May 2015 (here)

 UPDATE – 5th May 2016 – Prakash dusted by US strike (here)