Inspired By Satan – Internet Spies Executed


Fifteen minute video production from Al-Khayr media which centres around the confessions and executions of alleged spies. The men speak their last words explaining how the internet had corrupted them and they had become payed informants, collecting information or being critical through blogs and soundcloud publications. The executions are as cruel as they are imaginative. One man has his camera stuffed with explosives, another is handcuffed to a table with his head resting on a computer, the denotations and the aftermath all clinically recorded. The underlying reality of this video is journalism and free speech are not welcome in ISIS methodology as played out in the boot stamping on the snake. Anything deemed out of Daesh control is a danger and must be extinguished, facts and science are not welcome either.

Inspired By Satan

video below

UPDATE June 2017

The three men killed as alleged “spies” have been added to the Newseum of journalists memorial in Washington