Huweija Prison raid – Message to Obama


Karkuk Province Media of the Islamic State, released a video in retaliation for the American-Kurdish raid on a prison in Huweija, giving details of the operation and showing the revenge beheading of four Peshmerga, along with a message, spoken in English, directed to American President Obama.

The Background

October 22nd 2015. American and Kurdish commandos mount a raid on an Islamic State jail, 236 kilometres north of, Baghdad, and 83 kilometres south of Erbil, in an effort to free some seventy captives. An American soldier was killed during the operation which marked the first time American soldiers have been confirmed to be directly accompanying local forces in Iraq in direct action against Islamic State. (here) – NYT Article 

Pentagon Press Secretary, Peter Cook

This was a unique circumstance in which very close partners of the United States made a specific request for our assistance,” he said. “So I would not suggest that this is something that’s going to now happen on a regular basis.”

The decision to use American helicopters to fly Kurdish commandos to Huweija, and to have American Special Operations forces join them in a supporting role, was taken by Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter. The White House, Mr. Cook said, was informed in advance.

Five American helicopters were involved in the raid, a mix of Chinook and Black Hawk choppers. The American forces included commandos from the Delta Force counterterrorism unit.

The Kurdish forces have released a battle cam video of the raid.

The Islamic State video

The video released shows a crater with piles of rubble, as a dialogue accompanies describing the events of the raid. Parts of the area seem to have ‘cleaned up’ as rubble is piled around the site, but most telling is the material which lies on the roof tops of the remaining structures. This was an explosion of some magnitude. 

The next phase of the fifteen minute production centres on a cache of discarded combat medical supplies used to triage fire fight injuries. Bandage wraps and Saline packs, a trachea tube and antibiotics are inspected by a man wearing sterile mask and gloves, pistol holster clearly shown.


Finally the video takes a turn to the gratuitous execution of four men, three facing the last man who is kneeling before them, and as in the ‘Jihadi John’ style knife pointing  “message to Obama” ensues.


The man speaks in English in what could be an American or Canadian accent. This is followed by another dialogue from a Kurdish speaking man, clad in black with the same dead soulless eyes as seen many times before. The single man is beheaded, as the others watch. The process repeats to the three remaining men. A moment of silence follows to the video end, as the mens blood slowly coagulates at the Daesh spectres feet.