“Hunters of the Shields” – Abrams Tank v Islamic State (Mosul)



The forty seven minute video released, (originally through YouTube) titled Hunters of the Shields–Wilayat Ninawastarts with a historical run through of battle inclusive with battle elephants. This is in an effort to explain the guerrilla tactics as once extolled by Mao Zedong through the paradox, “revolutionary movements are not dependant on complex mechanical devices.” (Youtube)


The context of the video outlines the Islamic States battle with, and success in destroying armoured vehicles and the Abrahms Tank. John Cantlie appears watching the frontline battle videos in what seems like an editing room. No doubt stitching togther the video files received from frontline fighters.


Cantlie then narrates the POV videos showing the mujahideen sneaking up and throwing a grenade into the opening of the tank’s turret. Cantlie calls the “Abrams”  tank “the Abrahams”  through the dialogue and gives a run down on its cost and capabilities,

Cantlie then takes the viewer on a guided tour of the Al-salam Hospital, which has been almost completely destroyed by ambush on the 7th-8th December 2016, (red marker in map below). The tactic as Cantlie explains, was to allow the Iraqi Division to take the Hospital and then surround it, “like a fish and a lure”. Fox News described this as “a lethal mistake” (here)

Rummaging through the debris Cantlie picks up an Iraqi soldier’s helmet from the 9th Armoured Division, “he won’t be needing that anymore” he quips. He also shows a fragment from a Hellfire Missile which was used in an attempt to re-take the hospital. 




The video is complete with a “drone” hovering over the base as a suicide bombers explode in to dust. Cantlie also explains how the ‘mujahideen’ have no fear and see their death as a release from this world to a paradise.


It is interesting to note that during the Gulf War seven Abrams were destroyed due to friendly fire.

More defence spending on Abrams (here)

video below


Below is a Map from the reportThe Jihadi Threat ISIS. al-Qaeda, and beyond