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Hot Donkey

The video shows vision (possibly) from a surveillance craft of two men committing an act of gross indecency on Donkeys. The video is taken by cell phone as the vision is played back on a VGA monitor. Certain time marks are seen as well as what may be IR or infrared.

Note : Some things can not be unseen.


Note – (sheep make a quick get away)

Harvest of the Soldiers – Parts 1 – 11

Nearly four minute videos made up of short transitions showing percentage statistics in an effort to convey an image of resilience or perhaps announcing the Islamic State are still an entity. This release may also be connected to the attack in Sweida, the Baath Party centre, and the executions in recent days of hostages with the intention of striking fear into the citizenry.

Below is Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 & 7 & 8 & 9 & 10 & 11

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 


Part 9

Part 10

Part 11  – 10 October 2018 – is 1st safar 1440 AH






Mindanao – July 2018 Offensive

Mindanao, Philippines Government forces clear out thirty militants with allegiance to Daesh. Similarities can be drawn upon from the Marawi siege (tangentcode) & (tangentcode) almost a year to this month which left Marawi a heavily damaged ghost city.(The Atlantic) – video below

There are also concerns about Asian Isis fighters coming back from the Middle East possibly seeking refuge in the Philippines.

Vic Market Bomb Plot – Media Hype

It has been reported that a plot to bomb the Vic Market was cooking on the wire. The market is at the top end of the city and is popular with Melburnians and tourists. It has come to light that a British amateur “jihadist hunters” had posed as a recruiter and was stringing along “recruits” and then passing that information to Police. This plot is apparently not the first time the informant has helped authorities foil attacks.

“The overseas plotter, Sajed, sent his “trainee” a 5000-page terrorism manual, which has chapters on creating improvised explosive devices and two videos on how to cook up a “bomb in a kitchen”. He requested maps and satellite images of the market, and told his recruit to map out the best route to deliver the bomb.” Hutchinson (TheAustralian)

This media barrage and “jihadi hunter” angle will dissaude people from internet connections (at least without verification) and to act in solitary.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the matter was assessed and it was determined they posed no threat.

“Our teams regularly receive information from various sources and carefully assess that information based on validity and risk,” the spokesman said.

“These matters were assessed earlier this year in accordance with that process and it was determined that they pose no threat in Australia.”

In this case why was it necessary to make it a front page news story? The other story that has been getting spun on high revolution is the Australian Army conducting an inquest into SAS soldiers actions some from ten years ago.

An Australian special forces soldier kicked a handcuffed Afghan detainee off a cliff before endorsing his summary execution, according to allegations made by direct witnesses.” (here)

What does the media think this will precipitate? Is this some type of fuel for riot porn ratings?

UPDATE – June 14th

Images have appeared in Australian Mainstream media of a German Nazi flag being flown on a vehicle. The event took place in 2007 and was summarily dealt with at the the time. This reiterates my point that media seek to provoke and agitate through the dredging up of such images. How will any fair justice be available to soldiers in the Defence Force Inquest?

Perhaps the politicians and journalists who have never been to Afghanistan, let alone a conflict zone should try and understand how “a twisted joke” can raise moral of the men and women who are repeatedly sent into this region and the stress and strains it places on their home lives. Read ABC tripe (here)

Flying the Nazi flag may be a representation of how the soldiers felt…in a far off country for some unkown reasons, doing the politicians dirty work? (War Pigs)

If this was the case below, you would never hear about it…

UPDATE June 15 2018 

The media deluge of this historical artefact has precipitated actions from a disaffected person to send threatening letters to a witness of the Defence Forces Inquiry. Below Mark Biskin (CoD) and Marise Payne (Min.Def) corrects “journalists” who persist with their poisonous rhetoric. (ABC


Man Monis sent letters to dead Australian soldier’s families. (tangentcode)

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Germany arrests returning Iraqi – Deash foreign fighters 

March 2018 – (125) PKK and YPG return to Germany (here)

Returning foreign fighters and juristiction (here)

Liege – one day later – May 2018

May 29, 2018 Full Moon. Belgium experienced another violent terror event this time leaving three dead, a brief hostage event attempt ending with a shoot out, and the gunman dusted in the city of Liege east of Brussels.

AMAQ – dated 30 May 2018

The assailant attacks two police officers, takes their firearms and kills them. The stolen police weapons are then used to kill a young man sitting in a parked car outside a school. The assailant then takes a hostage in an attempt to escape which fails ending in a fire fight upon police again, which resulted in injuring four police officers, and the single gunman dusted. 

Early in the media reporting the fact that the man was on “day-leave” from a prison had circulated along with the shouting man and  “Allahu Akbar” camera video.

One day later and the event takes an identity of thirty-six year old Benjamin Herman, a man with a long list of convictions and troubles with drugs. It is now revealed that another man had been murdered prior to the terror event.

(Speaking to Belgian media on Wednesday), Herman’s father said his son had acted normally in the hours before the murders.On Monday I went to get him in prison,”

 “After I picked him up, I led him to a session with a psychiatrist in Namur. He [then] spent time here in the garden with the children, he played with them and he even went for ice creams.” (Guardian)

The result of Prislam radicalization.

Liege was the site of the December 2011 murder-suicide event, Nordine Amari (wiki)

*(Further reading)

‘Famous judicial process of Benjamin Herman. This Rochefortois rocked into crime as a teenager, before becoming addicted to cocaine and heroin and multiple convictions. He even escaped from Lantin!”

Abstract from K.L.Lasoen (Ghent Uni – research fellow) Terrorism and Political Violence

(For 24 hour access a small fee is charged for full article) – (here)