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Muslim message to Germany

This video appears with a bearded Muslim man explaining a warning to the German People. In true egotist fashion the man makes no attempt to anonymise himself or tone down the rhetoric.

The video is in German so a translation is provided in the ticker lower third.

Sydney Stabbing Attack – Lone Knucklehead

August 13th, afternoon and the Sydney city is shocked with a stabbing attack and a man jumping onto a car holding a knife yelling “Allah Akbar”. The crime scene unfolds leaving one woman dead and another seriously injured.

Soon after the man is apprehended by citizens and pinned to the ground with milk crates and chairs. The man later identified as 21 year old Mert Ney had absconded from a mental health facility.

“Lone Actor”

I would suggest that some element in regards to a transaction or some arrangement went awry and Ney lashed out and it became a violent robbery.

Mert Ney was given a nine month conditional release order for possessing a knife in June this year.

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller
Ney was found with a USB which contained recent high profile terror events.
note the small plastic “dope” bags circled red
Mert Ney
Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looks eerily similar..
One of the two women stabbed being treated
Ney’s home near Blacktown

Updates to follow.

Michaela Dunn – sex worker killed in Clarence Street
faces of meth