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Protected: The Battle of Baghdad

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Convicted Terrorist – Citizenship Stripped Onshore

The Federal Government has cancelled the citizenship of Abdul Nacer Benbrika, one of Australia’s most notorious terrorists, ahead of his expected release from a Victorian prison.

Benbrika was jailed for 12 years in 2008 for his role in a plot to attack a number of targets in Victoria and New South Wales.


Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton confirmed the Government had now revoked Benbrika’s Australian citizenship.

“I cancelled the Australian citizenship of convicted terrorist Benbrika, [making him] the first individual to have lost citizenship onshore.”

“He has been notified of the citizenship loss and he will remain in prison while an interim detention order is in place.”

Under current laws, the Federal Government can only strip citizenship from people who have been sentenced to at least six years in jail.


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(tangentcode) – National Security – Australian Prime Minister – 24 November 2015

Six French Tourist killed in Niger

Koure, Niger, A Giraffe viewing event. Six French women visiting the tourist spot murdered. The group was attacked by gunmen who approached the party riding up on motorbikes.

The Koure Giraffe Reserve, around 65 km (40 miles) south east of the capital Niamey, draws many tourists.

The tragedy is being blamed on extremist groups, but it maybe poachers or local psychopaths.

China Beat Down

This video shows a group of Chinese soldier beating men who are bound on the ground.

Details to look out for…The Policeman.

Back in 2015 Tibetans breached the gates of the Chinese Embassy in Sydney, Australia and took down the Chinese Flag down.

In Hong Kong in 2020 you can be arrested and detained for owning a flag

Teen bashing – Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia. 17th June 2020.

Teenage girl attacked on train station.

DailyMail alleges there was an interaction between the teen and the group which escalated into a volatile reaction with unprecedented ferocity.

What is surprising is the Police have not proceeded in a capacity as a justice tool. The excuse being offered revolves around some notion of further retribution agaisnt the victim if criminal charges are laid.

The other element of this event is the disturbing nature of the attack. The complete disregard for another person’s well being is quiet astounding.