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Healing of the Souls, Slaughtering of the Spy

This is the fourth video in a series from Wilayat Khurasan, “Healing the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy”. In this latest release the execution includes the dismemberment almost simultaneously the beheading is performed, as shown in the video extract below. 

Healing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #1

July 2015- Healing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #2 – (tangentcode)

Healing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #3

Images from #4


And Be Harsh Upon Them – 1-2-3 – al Shabab

Eighteen minute video titled “And Be Harsh Upon Them” (a reference to part of Qur’anic verses 9:73 and 66:9), from al Kataib released onto YouTube showing an attack on a Somalian Base. As in many other videos the firefight is shown using video enhancements to draw out the muzzle flashes, the defilement of bdies and the ubiquitous weapons haul which is displayed like a matchbox car collection.

Further Notes

US Strikes – (ABC) – “African Union force leaves Somalia”

The first strike happened Saturday at approximately 4:30 p.m. local Somalia time and it killed one fighter for the extremists group, al-Shabab, said a U.S. Africa command statement. The strike occurred near Gaduud, about 250 miles southwest of the capital, Mogadishu,”

“The second strike occurred Sunday at approximately 3 a.m. against al-Shabaab, in the Lower Shabelle region about 40 miles west of the capital Mogadishu.”

“The third strike was against the Islamic State group in Somalia’s northern Puntland area, about 9 a.m. Sunday

Earlier September (19) release – Dedicated to the Matter Shaykh Usamah Bin Laden

(Reported) – US in Somalia 2017Bureau of Investigative Journalism (here)

Part Two


Thirty minute release from December 2017 which has some interesting details. The VBIED driver detonates inside a compound which is then over run and looted.

The looted vehicles are then in turn used in other attacks and then paraded through a small civilian area.

The explosive demolition of buildings of Humanitarian Africa Relief Development Organisation.

Part Three

August 2018 and the third part “And be harsh against them” releases in a twenty six minute fire fight and looting filled video.

The tactic of over running lighty manned bases with relentless fire leaves the respondents with the choice or running or attempting to fight back. In either case the results are the same as the fragmentation of training evaporates under the fierce surprise attacks.

Execution Compilation – 1.01 2017

One hour and seven minutes compilation from tangentcode archives beginning from September 2014 to mid April 2017. 




“Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish” – Afghanistan

Afghanistan –  “Surely Falsehood is Ever Bound to Vanish” an eight minute quasi professional video narrated in English which attempts to show the American tax payers the enormous resources which are poured into the thirty tear war with no end in sight. The title comes from (Qur’anic verse 17:81.)

The video shows militants gunning down soldiers as they escape, even taking one prisoner. The final scene shot from the ubiquitous floating drone shows a HumVee, packed with TNT,  oxidise into dust.