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Sydney University Contractor faces terror plot charges

New South Wales Police have arrested and charged a twenty five year old IT Contractor from Sri Lanka, Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen with “preparing for a terror attack” after a notebook was found with details of significant landmarks and prominent publc figures in Sydney who the police allege are terror targets. Bail was not sought and was formally refused at Waverly Court. 

Sydney University statement and some of the ensuing local media frenzy (9MSN)

Next Court appearance – October 24th, 2018

UPDATE – Sept 28th, 2018 –  (NINEMSM)

“The case against him is extremely weak. Almost non-existent,” Mr Kheir said.

“We’ll be continuing with the fight until all charges are dropped and he is completely exonerated.” 

Shadows of the Slaughter 4

Shadows of the Slaughter 4 from Furat is a five minute shoot and loot beginning with a rant in a room style lecture.

The same formula of story board is applied as the previous three parts (3) (2) (1). Attack and overwhelm an outpost, loot the ammunition and vehicles and capture and execute survivors.


Amaq – February 17 2018 – Bahra

Amaq watermarked video allegedly showing Deash holding back the PKK in the vicinity of Bahra countryside.

*This is part of the attacks shown in “Inside the Caliphate – 7

The only issue here is that this is a staged one way fire fight. 

Not releated but incidental is this map showing returning Foreign Fighters.

Awakening factions and Joining the Caliphate

Twenty one minute video from Halab which shows a group of seven men enrolling into Islamic State. The number seven has a an important meaning in this production.

specifying the number seven, it has to do with the creation and sahr’i commands of Allaah. Allaah created seven heavens, seven earths and seven days, and man’s creation is completed in seven stages” (here)

The men are shown being transported to a meeting point then to a Mosque for prayers from which they are then taken to what looks like a admin supply outlet where they are fitted with uniforms.

The last minutes include a training session and a kitting session until they are whisked away to the frontlines. The video follows the seven inductees pointing them out with digital labels as they traverse the training program which will look familiar to any person trained in urban warfare. Close proximity live fire training, flashbangs, which don’t flash, and some unique gymnastics are also shown as the men clamour over each other making human ladders to gain a tactical advantage fireing into empty bombed out buildings.

The ending shows one of the narrators climbing into a cobbled together VBIED only to vaporise on the horizon in a mushroom plume of TNT.

“The lights are on but nobody is home” look is clearly evident amongst the men who seem lost in a haze of illusion. Feeding drugs to soldiers in war is not a new thing and can be traced back to Alexander the Great (here) and even in modern times by Nazi Germany. (here) The bottom line here is that Daesh are still actively recruiting and seeking to draw upon the vast populous of disillusionment. 

Further Reading“Interpol circulates list of 173 suspected members of Isis suicide brigade” (TheGuardian)

Defend Your State- 2

Eight minute video from Khayr with an appearance from Abu Uqayl from Singapore, who was also seen loading shells into the back of a truck in “Inside the Khilafah -4″ (tangentcode)

The majority of the video catalogues attacks throughout Europe over the last two years and has the same rhetoric seen  in the “Just Terror -(Situational Awareness)” (tangentcode). The familiar “no excuses” routine is used along with the doctrine devoid of any rational clear thinking and a belief in quiet impossible outcomes. The video ends with three men senselessly murdered by gun shot.

There are a number of interesting images throughout the video.

And this one..

The Christmas tree fire.