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Sadiqabad – shoot it up

Nine people were shot dead near Chowk Mahi in Tehsil Sadiqabad shot dead by members of the notorious ‘Janu Andarr gang’.

According to Sadiqabad police sources, the Andarr gang has been operating in the katcha areas of the Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan borders. Members of the gang came to Adda Chowk Mahi and shot dead the people on the spot.

Muslim message to Germany

This video appears with a bearded Muslim man explaining a warning to the German People. In true egotist fashion the man makes no attempt to anonymise himself or tone down the rhetoric.

The video is in German so a translation is provided in the ticker lower third.

Nigerian Reverend Beheaded

Rev Lawan Andimi

Andimi was abducted in early January when insurgents attacked the Michika local government area, where Andmini was the chairman of a local chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

The Boko Haram attempted to extort $2.2million from the local Church.

The insurgents established contact with the church, and there was a conversation. And then they stopped and went ahead to kill him,”