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Then is it the judgement of ignorance they desire? Furat

Fifteen and a half minute video from Furat which is in parts a re-run of previous videos. The title is from the Quaran verse 5:50, “they desire and want this and ignore Allah’s Judgement.”

Iraq is nearing elections with seven thousand candidates competing for three hundred and twenty-nine seats on May 12. The pressure will be ramped up by Daesh in an attempt to destabilise and contort the process no doubt with suicide bombing and general mayhem.

Some of the video is taken from other releases which make up the quick fire editing and scenes of hudud being performed.

It’s all about the money.

Sinai – Protectors of Islamic Law

Twenty two minute video from Sinai which from the beginning one would be forgiven for thinking they were watching a nature video which is an introduction to a string of roadside IED’s and ambush attacks on soldiers. 

In the final few minutes cars(taxi) are stopped and the passengers executed, shop keepers are attacked and executed for selling Sharia non-compliant items, such as tobacco. 

The release underlines the problems in the region as highlighted by the inclusion of the political machinations since the Arab Spring with the Muslim Brotherhood’s loss of political leverage.

Further reading – Germany gives $250 mil for economic reforms (here)

(BBC) – Egypt army says it killed 16 jihadists in Sinai


Execution Compilation – 1.01 2017

One hour and seven minutes compilation from tangentcode archives beginning from September 2014 to mid April 2017. 




The First Rain – The Raid of Barcelona

The First Rain – The Raid of Barcelonais a short three minute release from Khayr made up of media reports interspersed with a bearded, finger pointing rant.


The opening lines of a UK report sum up the basic premise of “Just Terror” and outlines the unseen or the hidden in plain sight notion of embedded terrorists using common utilities to murder innocent people.


Terror Finance Report – stopping the money

The Australian Government TRAC has released  a risk assessment reportMoney Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Assessment”  (pdf). The key statistics on Store Value Cards or as the report “SVC”.

SVC’s or ‘Stored Value Cards’, allow money to be debited or payed into an electronic account and the used just like a VISA or other credit card, to purchase goods, particularly over internet retail services. The SVC’s are often bought through ‘on-selling’ of goods, buying and then quickly selling. The proceeds of the “on-sold” goods is then used to buy more SVC cards from which the PIN code is then sent to recipients who withdraw cash money from automatic teller machines or cash points.


This type of finance model  which is used to supply Daesh, or “sponsor soldiers” has been a subject for previous reports such as the 2015 FATF Report (pdf)

And, 2012 report from the Australian Treasury (pdf).

The disruption and degradation of finances reaching Daesh will be a major factor towards the final depreciation of their existence. Without a cash flow Daesh will fall into anarchy and dissolve like splinter crystals in acid.


UPDATE – AUGUST – 3 – 2017

CBA risks massive fines over anti-money laundering, terrorism financing law breaches (ABC)

UPDATE – AUGUST – 7- 2017

“How smart ATMs and a coding error caused a massive mistake.” (ABC)

“The Commonwealth Bank is embroiled in a scandal that may have allowed terrorists and criminals to launder millions of dollars.

AUSTRAC, Australian’s financial spy agency, filed its case against the CBA last week, (Aug – 3- 2017), alleging it failed to report 53,506 transactions.

They are known as TTRs, or “threshold transaction reports”.

Basically, banks have to let AUSTRAC know within 10 business days if it processes a transaction of $10,000 or more.

So how did it happen?

The CBA says it all comes down to a “software error” in the bank’s smart ATMs.”

UPDATE – 10 August 2017 – FBI Says ISIS Used eBay to Send Terror Cash to U.S. (here)

UPDATE – 4 June 2018 – CBA fined $700 million 

COMMONWEALTH Bank has agreed to pay $700 million and legal costs to resolve proceedings brought by AUSTRAC after admitting to breaching anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism laws.