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Peshawar Mosque Blast

A powerful bomb has exploded inside a Shia mosque in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Peshawar, killing at least 62 people and wounding dozens more, many of them critically.

The explosion occurred as worshippers had gathered in the Kucha Risaldar mosque in Peshawar’s old city area for Friday prayers. More than 190 people were left injured by the blast.

One assailant and one policeman were killed in the gun battle, and another policeman was wounded. The remaining attacker then entered the mosque and detonated a bomb.

Daesh Sniper Academy

Video construct of Daesh Sniper Academy. Complete with sniper shots which look like add ons or old video files. Would n’t be the first time Daesh construct something out of nothing.

Interesting detail is the electronic ear protection. The “logo” or graphic on the unit is only available from a tactical supplier on Amazon based in Thailand.

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