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Then is it the judgement of ignorance they desire? Furat

Fifteen and a half minute video from Furat which is in parts a re-run of previous videos. The title is from the Quaran verse 5:50, “they desire and want this and ignore Allah’s Judgement.”

Iraq is nearing elections with seven thousand candidates competing for three hundred and twenty-nine seats on May 12. The pressure will be ramped up by Daesh in an attempt to destabilise and contort the process no doubt with suicide bombing and general mayhem.

Some of the video is taken from other releases which make up the quick fire editing and scenes of hudud being performed.

It’s all about the money.

Shadows of the Slaughter 4

Shadows of the Slaughter 4 from Furat is a five minute shoot and loot beginning with a rant in a room style lecture.

The same formula of story board is applied as the previous three parts (3) (2) (1). Attack and overwhelm an outpost, loot the ammunition and vehicles and capture and execute survivors.


Shadows of the Slaughter 2

Close to seven minutes fire fight, shoot and loot video much the same as the first part (tangentcode)  from earlier in August 2017.





City of Ghosts

Australian ABC report from Matt Brown on the story unfolding in post Deash Raqqa. The dramatic title is deceptive as much of the story centres around families who are attempting to rebuild life’s normalcies. The incidental ambulance run seen early in the edit is a rehash from an earlier Brown report and has some nice drone video, a boat trip, stitched together with a “look at me” session, some iPad Garageband rumblings and its done. 

For a tiny city in Syria, with a population just over a quarter of a million, Raqqa gained attention as it became the centre peice of Daesh ideologies and indoctrination propaganda which featured consistently throught Daesh media campaigns. As Mosul started to fall, the importance of this tiny city increased. An example of this is the *Birthed Nation” (tangentcode) series, which picked up where Mosul left off with the child executioners. With each new video the dispicable acts where increased in gratuitousness.

This extract from the full report (here) shows an Australian fighting with YPG, Jamie Williams which is followed by Brown making a stop at the infamous Gangsta Jihadist, Khaleed Sharouf’s kennel. (tangentcode) and Legacy of a Madman (tangentcode).

Daesh getting ‘transported’ out

More on Jamie Williams – “The former attorney-general’s decision not to consent to the prosecution of Mr Williams was made on the facts and circumstances of the particular case, and this was made clear at the time the decision was made,” – (here)

The VICE interview 2016 (here)

And the other ABC interview February 2016 (here)...which might help fill in the gaps in this “look at me” festival.

Raqqa – circa 2008


Jamie Williams is not the only Australian who felt compelled to fight in a war for the same reasons he outlines, just that they chose the other side ie Dr Tareq Kamleh seen in “Birthed Nation 2” (tangentcode) also appeared in the Daesh recruiting video circa 2015 (tangentcode)

Jamie was unable to become part of the ADF due to a drink driving conviction.