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Tanzania – Talaea Al-Ansar

Ten minute video from Talaea alansar Foundation, March 2021. The format follows a typical Daesh Production storyboard opening with a video of President Macron and a near yelling narrative. The video continues with fire fights from earlier snippet releases, a VBIED attack and executions.

The Talaea Al-Ansar Foundation’s declaration states that the current “blessed scientific renaissance” of internet globalization should be welcomed by jihadists, and vowed that the new foundation would help supporters “develop their skills in different media fields such as design, video editing, translation, programming, web development and publishing” with a focus on supporting jihad.”

New ISIS Project Launched to Beef Up Jihadists’ Cyber Skills, Security Awareness – (here)

US designates ISIS-Mozambique and its Tanzanian leader as ‘terrorists’ (here)

2019 Al-Qaeda Article Warns Their ‘Ship Will Sink’ if Jihadists Are Sloppy with Cell, Online Communications (here)

2014The Rising Terrorist Threat in Tanzania: Domestic Islamist Militancy and Regional Threats – (here) pdf

The release as 24th March 2021 (here)(here)
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Six French Tourist killed in Niger

Koure, Niger, A Giraffe viewing event. Six French women visiting the tourist spot murdered. The group was attacked by gunmen who approached the party riding up on motorbikes.

The Koure Giraffe Reserve, around 65 km (40 miles) south east of the capital Niamey, draws many tourists.

The tragedy is being blamed on extremist groups, but it maybe poachers or local psychopaths.

Boko Haram – Police Execution (Borno State)

Short video showing two men kneeling with hands bound behind back. One is dressed in a Nigerian Polliceman’s uniform.

Short dialogue and then the envitable bullet in forehead.

The abduction of a soldier and three others at a checkpoint before Gasarwa Village, about 40 kilometres from Monguno Local Government Area in Borno State.


Nigerian Security Forces Kill 18 (AJ)

Nigerian Reverend Beheaded

Rev Lawan Andimi

Andimi was abducted in early January when insurgents attacked the Michika local government area, where Andmini was the chairman of a local chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

The Boko Haram attempted to extort $2.2million from the local Church.

The insurgents established contact with the church, and there was a conversation. And then they stopped and went ahead to kill him,”

AMAQ – Ménaka – Mali

Two and a half minute video showing the Malian Military Post in Ménaka Province after an attack from Islamic State.

November 3rd 2019 BAMAKO, Mali was the secene of an attack in which fifty three soldiers and one civilian were killed. (NYT)

one of the deadliest attacks to hit the nation’s military in recent memory.”

“The violence on Friday(Nov 3rd) took place a month after 41 soldiers were killed and 20 others went missing on Sept. 30 during two coordinated assaults on two army bases in central Mali, which has slipped from government control despite the presence of the French army and other international forces.”

Ménaka attacked two weeks later
no audio

Ménaka Cercle is an administrative subdivision of Ménaka Region, Mali. Its administrative center is the town of Ménaka. Ménaka Cercle’s population as of 2009 was 56,104 people. Ménaka is located in the middle of the Sahara Desert, along Wadi Ezgeuret and an ancient dry river valley of the Iullemmeden Basin – wiki