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Islamic State – North Baghdad October 2018

Nearly nineteen minute video released from North Baghdad made up of sections of video files shown in a postcard type storyboard up to recent times including VBIED attacks. Executions feature as most of the content of second half of the release showing the victims in military uniforms or in post of public office along with the building in rubble.

Note – bottom left hand corner of the frame below you can see the clip layer which is being used as audio.This is why “detach audio” exists. Very rare to see this error.


More – June 28, 2018 (iraqinews dot com)

Shadows of the Slaughter 2

Close to seven minutes fire fight, shoot and loot video much the same as the first part (tangentcode)  from earlier in August 2017.





Inside the Khalifah-4

Inside the Khilafah-4 from late September 2017, is a three and a half minute video in the series (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)

The narrator in this episode is Abu Uqayl noted as being from Singapore.

He is shown doing grunt labouring, passing artillery shells onto a truck mounted cannon. The ridiculous slow motion in this release is only surpassed by the half arsed threat to Prince Harry.

Preventative Priorities Survey 2018

Each year the Centre for Preventative Action release the Preventative Priorities Survey which is an evaluation of potential conflicts occurring in the next year which may affect United States Interests domestically and overseas. The survey uses a formulae of hindsight, crystal ball gazing, gossip and industry standard experts to nut this out for Government Policy and colonial world police policy. The 2018 Survey pdf is (here). The survey breaks down into three “Tiers”.

Tier 1 – Impact High, Likelihood – Moderate

Tier 2 – Impact High, Likelihood – Low


Tier 3 – Impact Low, Likelihood – Moderate

After a quick skim it seems much the same as 2017 except the trigger guard has been removed. Image below from the survey (page 5)

*see previous years surveys by changing the year in the browser url 



Amaq – 15 – 19 November 2017



Three Amaq releases from 15th November to 19th 2017. The first shows the aftermath of Russian Bombing in Albukumal, the second is a suicide bombing, 16th November in Kabul which catches one of the possible perpetrators in full view.


Third is an attack on what looks like an artillery position or tank.


Amaq – 22nd July – September 2017 (tangentcode) + (tangentcode)