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Inside the Caliphate – 8


After some nine months AlHayat release the eighth in the series “Inside the Caliphate” with some interesting details in the sixteen minutes of old battle videos cobbled together with some off the shelf animations and transitions.

The basic story-board is set up with Telegraph chat messages interspersed with narrated decrees glorifying terror events such as the Pulse NightClub event and strangely a few clips from the Boston Marathon bombing, together with battle fire fights accompanied with the ubiquitous chant like atonal music vibrating in background.  (Inside the Caliphate 7

Details include this slide with Anonymous.

The use of Final Cut Pro shows the use of an Apple work station.

The use of lower third news items attempts to add credibility.

And You Will Not Harm Him At All – al-Khayr

Seventeen minute production from Wilayat al-Khayr showing a fire fight  and looting on an artillery re-supply post. The video moves through a series of rants and stitched together archive clips, including the Mosul entourage, building up to the last scenes of over running the base, shooting the attempted evacuees as they flee in vehicles, their efforts to evade Daesh are in vein as they are either killed in the vehicle or captured, only to be executed.

One man attempts to fight back but is overwhealmed by automatic fire. 

Looted ammunition and canons are carted away.

Iraqi PM had declared the ISIS issue over (BBC), however after watching this release one may think quiet the opposite is the case.

Fighters fleeing other areas of defeat would likely be joining up with calls in Anbar, which has been known to CENTCOM as the “wild-west”.

Iraqi Army combing Anbar for remaining ISIS terrorists – (ABNA)

U.S. Troops Now Under ‘Frequent’ Attack at Iraqi Base – (Time)

Last month, the Pentagon declared there were “no reports” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria firing on U.S. troops stationed at Iraq’s huge al-Asad base. This month, the Pentagon acknowledged Monday, ISIS has been routinely lobbing “completely ineffective” rounds at the U.S. troops training Iraqi forces at the base north of Baghdad.”

al-Homsi – VBIED Farewell

Seven minute HTS video titled “Commandments and words of martyrdom Abu Hudayfah Al – Homsi” who was dusted detonating a VBIED south of Abu Adh Duhur in Eastern Idlib 12th January 2018. 

The rust covered death vehicle is seen in the multi camera editing production, the face of the man (most likely Al Homsi’s puppet master) is digitally obscured, and what is assumed to be his mother stand awkwardly as the video rolls through the short dialogue each one validating the other in a bizarre ceremony.

Preventative Priorities Survey 2018

Each year the Centre for Preventative Action release the Preventative Priorities Survey which is an evaluation of potential conflicts occurring in the next year which may affect United States Interests domestically and overseas. The survey uses a formulae of hindsight, crystal ball gazing, gossip and industry standard experts to nut this out for Government Policy and colonial world police policy. The 2018 Survey pdf is (here). The survey breaks down into three “Tiers”.

Tier 1 – Impact High, Likelihood – Moderate

Tier 2 – Impact High, Likelihood – Low


Tier 3 – Impact Low, Likelihood – Moderate

After a quick skim it seems much the same as 2017 except the trigger guard has been removed. Image below from the survey (page 5)

*see previous years surveys by changing the year in the browser url 



Port Authority – New York fumbled terror attack

New York City, Port Authority, approximately 8.28am an event unravelled which luckily became a fumbled terror event. At least four people, including the suspect, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police announce one man in custody , Akayed Ullah, 27, a green card carrying legal immigrant from Bangladesh. 

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