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Sydney University Contractor faces terror plot charges

New South Wales Police have arrested and charged a twenty five year old IT Contractor from Sri Lanka, Mohamed Kamer Nilar Nizamdeen with “preparing for a terror attack” after a notebook was found with details of significant landmarks and prominent publc figures in Sydney who the police allege are terror targets. Bail was not sought and was formally refused at Waverly Court. 

Sydney University statement and some of the ensuing local media frenzy (9MSN)

Next Court appearance – October 24th, 2018

UPDATE – Sept 28th, 2018 –  (NINEMSM)

“The case against him is extremely weak. Almost non-existent,” Mr Kheir said.

“We’ll be continuing with the fight until all charges are dropped and he is completely exonerated.” 

Amaq – February 17 2018 – Bahra

Amaq watermarked video allegedly showing Deash holding back the PKK in the vicinity of Bahra countryside.

*This is part of the attacks shown in “Inside the Caliphate – 7

The only issue here is that this is a staged one way fire fight. 

Not releated but incidental is this map showing returning Foreign Fighters.

Inside The Caliphate – 7

Number seven in the series released as a twenty odd minute, English subtitled rehash*(1). Familiar faces and voices are noted as is quiet a pathetic scene of a VBIED pilot picked up from a wheelchair and placed into the vehicle as small children cry pleading with him to stay. 

Emphasis is placed on the women fighters, who arrive at the front in the tub of a Hilux.

(For all an observer could tell it could be a man running around in a black cape.) 

The firefights take place along the southern side of the Euphrates battling the Kurds who end up getting dragged behind motorcycles after capture through bluff. 

come out or we will blow up the building

Part 6 (tangentcode)

Part 5 (tangentcode) includes link to Part 1-4 

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ISIS Beatles trapped trying to escape a sinking ship (here)

12th Feb – Baghdadi – alive (AJ)

*(1) -December 2016 

Inside 7

Sinai – Protectors of Islamic Law

Twenty two minute video from Sinai which from the beginning one would be forgiven for thinking they were watching a nature video which is an introduction to a string of roadside IED’s and ambush attacks on soldiers. 

In the final few minutes cars(taxi) are stopped and the passengers executed, shop keepers are attacked and executed for selling Sharia non-compliant items, such as tobacco. 

The release underlines the problems in the region as highlighted by the inclusion of the political machinations since the Arab Spring with the Muslim Brotherhood’s loss of political leverage.

Further reading – Germany gives $250 mil for economic reforms (here)

(BBC) – Egypt army says it killed 16 jihadists in Sinai


And You Will Not Harm Him At All – al-Khayr

Seventeen minute production from Wilayat al-Khayr showing a fire fight  and looting on an artillery re-supply post. The video moves through a series of rants and stitched together archive clips, including the Mosul entourage, building up to the last scenes of over running the base, shooting the attempted evacuees as they flee in vehicles, their efforts to evade Daesh are in vein as they are either killed in the vehicle or captured, only to be executed.

One man attempts to fight back but is overwhealmed by automatic fire. 

Looted ammunition and canons are carted away.

Iraqi PM had declared the ISIS issue over (BBC), however after watching this release one may think quiet the opposite is the case.

Fighters fleeing other areas of defeat would likely be joining up with calls in Anbar, which has been known to CENTCOM as the “wild-west”.

Iraqi Army combing Anbar for remaining ISIS terrorists – (ABNA)

U.S. Troops Now Under ‘Frequent’ Attack at Iraqi Base – (Time)

Last month, the Pentagon declared there were “no reports” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria firing on U.S. troops stationed at Iraq’s huge al-Asad base. This month, the Pentagon acknowledged Monday, ISIS has been routinely lobbing “completely ineffective” rounds at the U.S. troops training Iraqi forces at the base north of Baghdad.”