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Indonesia – Surabaya Police Checkpoint attacks

No surprise in some respects as yet another exploding family attack a police checkpoint in Surabaya. The attack killed the four perpetrators, six civilians and four officers were wounded. The Surabaya death toll now stands at twenty-eight—some thirteen bombers and fifteen civilians, together with more than fifty wounded.

Another attack ended with four men “weilding swords” being dusted. (ABC)

Indonesia is estimated have an eleven hundred strong returning nut jobs from middle east conflicts. Videos on this site alone show Indo-foreign fighters appearing in executions videos all the way back to when the disaster of madness started late 2014.

The explosives used in these attacks are not uncommon in the region as they are commonly used in “explosive fishing.” In these events we see againg the tri-acetone tri-peroxide “satans breath” being utilised, again which has detailed explanation videos showing the process of manufacture posted all over the internet. Daesh have also produced videos with this single minded process front and centre of thier content. (Bomb recipe edited “Just Terror”- December 2016 – tangentcode )

Separately on Sunday some 14 hours after the Church attacks, three members of another family were killed when homemade bombs exploded at an apartment in Sidoarjo (red marker in map below), a town bordering Surabaya, police said. (Jakarta Post). The manufacture of the explsoive is extremely volitile and sensitive to friction and abrupt temperature change.

Travel warnings to Indonesia warn against travel to the region.

Note – without seeming jaded or cynical the adoption of one the “bomb children” survivors by an Indonesia policeman could be more of a media prop…just sayin’ – don’t believe everything in the media.


 “Instructions to Indonesia” (tangentcode) Jan 2016

and March 2015

and October 2016

Defend Your State- 2

Eight minute video from Khayr with an appearance from Abu Uqayl from Singapore, who was also seen loading shells into the back of a truck in “Inside the Khilafah -4″ (tangentcode)

The majority of the video catalogues attacks throughout Europe over the last two years and has the same rhetoric seen  in the “Just Terror -(Situational Awareness)” (tangentcode). The familiar “no excuses” routine is used along with the doctrine devoid of any rational clear thinking and a belief in quiet impossible outcomes. The video ends with three men senselessly murdered by gun shot.

There are a number of interesting images throughout the video.

And this one..

The Christmas tree fire.

Port Authority – New York fumbled terror attack

New York City, Port Authority, approximately 8.28am an event unravelled which luckily became a fumbled terror event. At least four people, including the suspect, suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Police announce one man in custody , Akayed Ullah, 27, a green card carrying legal immigrant from Bangladesh. 

Further reading – September 2016 – (tangentcode)



Healing of the Souls, Slaughtering of the Spy

This is the fourth video in a series from Wilayat Khurasan, “Healing the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy”. In this latest release the execution includes the dismemberment almost simultaneously the beheading is performed, as shown in the video extract below. 

Healing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #1

July 2015- Healing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #2 – (tangentcode)

Healing of the Souls With the Slaughtering of the Spy #3

Images from #4


Execution Compilation – 1.01 2017

One hour and seven minutes compilation from tangentcode archives beginning from September 2014 to mid April 2017.