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Teen bashing – Melbourne

Melbourne, Australia. 17th June 2020.

Teenage girl attacked on train station.

DailyMail alleges there was an interaction between the teen and the group which escalated into a volatile reaction with unprecedented ferocity.

What is surprising is the Police have not proceeded in a capacity as a justice tool. The excuse being offered revolves around some notion of further retribution agaisnt the victim if criminal charges are laid.

The other element of this event is the disturbing nature of the attack. The complete disregard for another person’s well being is quiet astounding.

Prislam – Revolving Door of Terror – Streatham

The words of Sadiq Kahn reverberate as another attack in London by a recently released Islamic extremist unfold.

part and parcel of living in a big city

If you can’t make a bomb because family, friends or spies are watching or suspecting you, take a knife, molotov, sound bombs or a car at night and attack …”

The lone attacker was shot dead after stabbing two people.

The human rubbish, Sudesh Anman, 20 was released from prison only days before, after serving half of his sentence. Anman was jailed in December 2018 for distributing terrorist literature.

Red Rings = attack position

Notebooks found at the initial arrest in 2018 show that the attackers “life goals” were to die as a terrorist. Police and intelligence agencies now focus on the associates and Anman’s activities lesading up to the event.

The injured citizens are out of critical care and recovering.

Images of Anman from CCTV

The NZ Connections

The NZ Mosques which were the centre of a horrific shooting and the connections to 2013 “droned” jihadist Daryl Jones and Christopher Harvard. This was mentioned in Tarrants manifesto as the reason for his choice of targets and may also be the reason “the media” are pushing the narrative of ignoring Tarrant’s manifesto and the scrubbing of many of the articles.

None of this however justifies what Tarrant did in any shape or form.

and a prior hisory of extremism

This article appeared in June 2014 (here) and is reproduced below in case of “scrubbing”

Daryl Jones aka Abu Suhaib Australi

Christopher Harvard aka Abu Salma Australi.
He wasn’t a good person, so probably the world is a better place without him.”

Havard was living in New Zealand and married to a New Zealander before leaving for Yemen in 2012, where he and other Al-Qaeda fighters kidnapped a Finnish couple, Atte and Leila Kaleva and Austrian citizen Dominik Neubauer. (Sydney Morning HERALD – June, 9 2015)

Qatar and Oman paid more than 20 million dollars in ransom for two Finns and two other Europeans kidnapped in Yemen.

June 2015

Australian Federal Police documents that show there is DNA evidence to prove Havard was involved in the kidnapping of a Finnish couple in 2012.” (ABC)

The single hair taken from Harvard by the kidnap victims.

The two Jihadists appeared in an Al Qaeda tribute video.

Milo Y had made these claims on his FaceBook and promptly had his visa to Australia cancelled, (here). Of course Mr Y loves controversy (Sputnik).

More – Erdogan confirms Tarrant visited Turkey on two occasions. (Sputnik)

Senator Egged

Senator Fraser Anning appeared in a light industrial area of Melbourne to speak to his Party faithful. The contreversial Senator spoke for about twenty minutes before taking questions. At the end of the Q&A a person then lightly hit the Senator cracking a raw egg on his scone. The person was then dog piled and handed over to the Police.

The egg melee

Full Speech including egging and flow on activity (via TU)