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Mexico – Cut and Dry

In a video of more than seven minutes, disseminated on social networks, a narco-interrogation of a group of at least 20 alleged hitmen of an opposing criminal group in Iguala is shown; the events are related to the four executed who were found this day outside the house of the elected mayor of that municipality, David Gama.

On Wednesday afternoon, a video was released showing a group of approximately 20 people tortured and on their knees; next to them, a group with long guns and hooded men watches over them during an interrogation.

The victims, according to what is narrated in the video, would be related to the criminal gang of La Bandera, made up of remnants of Guerreros Unidos, a group named after the disappearance of 43 normalistas in the city of Iguala.

One of the hooded men, who identifies themselves as “people from the mountains”, leads the interrogation and highlights that the opposing group would be related or in deals with the elected municipal president of Iguala.

Papua New Guinea – Machete Hot Blade Torture

The event took place in June 2021. Reports from the ground point to a sorcery claim after a child was afflicted by unknown ailments. There has been a spate of such torture deaths in the region in recent months.

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