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Assaults of the Monotheists – Barakah – Parts 1, 2 & 3

Assaults of the Monotheists released in October 2018 with two successive parts from November and most recently December are twenty to twenty five minute smash and grabs fire fights the last edited with short black transistions in an effort to assault the viewers senses.

Same transistion effect used in this video from 2016Post American World

The fire fights and over running of the tent outpost are spread across the three episodes with each release being more dramaticly edited and gratituos than the previous. 

Some of the deatils include the vehicles transporting soldiers, the machine gun mounted motorbikes and the vehicle with the turret is seen.

From Amaq release – 23 November 2018 

Other interesting elements are the one armed machine gun operator.

Part 2 

Part 3

5.11 Tactical gloves.

like a scene from Mad Max..?

Paris – crisis actors

December 8th, 2018 twitter was slowly winding up a cache of video, refining it down to a fifiteen second video grab that can be sent out to syndicate stations and internet mirrors for digestion.  Sometimes the videos are constructed or performed by paid actors and provocateurs.

The methodology.  (Police Agent Prococateurs: A short history)

Paris has offered some examples of manufactured content. 

Getting hit with a rubber bullet

I checked this video from twitter of a protestor being hit with a rubber bullet and saw some anomalies. First, if you get hit by a rubber bullet fired at close range, a person would be in hospital or the very least knocked to the ground. I offer one example, the shot Scott Olsen took in Oakland. Secondly you can hear the ping of the projectile hitting the hard armour under the protestors clothing. This is also shown in the movement of the clothes when the projectile impacts. The energy is stopped and not absorbed as when it hits a soft substrate like seen in experiments with ballsitics gell on popular TV and YouTube shows.
I find this dangerous and deceptive as it may encourage others to copy this behaviour not realising that in this example the person is wearing protective ballistics armour.
I have presented this in its raw format so you too can see I am not altering or manipualting the source video.

Note – Safe Shield – level 3A protection (YouTube )

The exploded hand man’s sleeve.

The first time I saw this video I traced the man in reverse and it seemed strange that he would walk up to the camera and start yelling…and the way he was led away seemed a bit odd.

The media reported this event and pixalated the “injured” hand.  (thesun)

no yellow vest – obvious is obvious

This image leaves no doubt.

RT even titled the video (DUSTRUBING VIDEO)  and then blurred the street art.

Question everything.

AMAQ – 23 November 2018

Just over a minute long this Amaq badged video shows the attack on a military post at Al Bahra in eastern Syria. Earlier in November these type of attacks plagued the Simak region near the Iraq / Syria border. (GlobalResearch)

The video includes some interesting details such as the small vehicle with the turret with the compressed air sounds(?)

The motorbike mounted machine gun as seen inInside the Caliphate -7“.

The surrender is something which is hard to fathom. 


Way of the Righteousness – Sayna

Forty-two minute video release from Islamic State Sinai which has a number of ‘stand out’ details.

The GoPro wearing fighter getting hit is one, (11.24)

The production is much the same as other Sinai releases but the one thing that sets this release apart are the audio errors in some of the multicamera edits. The firefights at a radio base with the hijacking of a tank, and also the roadblocks favouring the small mobile cells of fighters which dissolve back into the small villages and vast terrain. The attacks are not strategic or with any long term motivations, but a way of replenishing supplies, looting ammunition and taking prisoners for possible exchange or ransom showing the diversification of the fighter cells In one scene the old weapons the men carry are in contrast to the brand new webbing they have on. The video is a showcase for where the money went. 

The video has a number of executions and begins with the slaughter of a goat.

Exploding car