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Assaults of the Monotheists – Barakah – Parts 1, 2 & 3

Assaults of the Monotheists released in October 2018 with two successive parts from November and most recently December are twenty to twenty five minute smash and grabs fire fights the last edited with short black transistions in an effort to assault the viewers senses.

Same transistion effect used in this video from 2016Post American World

The fire fights and over running of the tent outpost are spread across the three episodes with each release being more dramaticly edited and gratituos than the previous. 

Some of the deatils include the vehicles transporting soldiers, the machine gun mounted motorbikes and the vehicle with the turret is seen.

From Amaq release – 23 November 2018 

Other interesting elements are the one armed machine gun operator.

Part 2 

Part 3

5.11 Tactical gloves.

like a scene from Mad Max..?

Way of the Righteousness – Sayna

Forty-two minute video release from Islamic State Sinai which has a number of ‘stand out’ details.

The GoPro wearing fighter getting hit is one, (11.24)

The production is much the same as other Sinai releases but the one thing that sets this release apart are the audio errors in some of the multicamera edits. The firefights at a radio base with the hijacking of a tank, and also the roadblocks favouring the small mobile cells of fighters which dissolve back into the small villages and vast terrain. The attacks are not strategic or with any long term motivations, but a way of replenishing supplies, looting ammunition and taking prisoners for possible exchange or ransom showing the diversification of the fighter cells In one scene the old weapons the men carry are in contrast to the brand new webbing they have on. The video is a showcase for where the money went. 

The video has a number of executions and begins with the slaughter of a goat.

Exploding car

Borderline Bar Shooting – Ventura

A lone shooter creates mayhem at a restaurant in Ventura killing 12.

It is revealed that the man is a veteran from Afghanistan and was a machine gunner, a Ian David Long, who turned the weapon on himself.

Early vision of the event. One of the dead was a soon to retire Venture County Sheriff. (more)

From May 2013

Inside the Caliphate – 8


After some nine months AlHayat release the eighth in the series “Inside the Caliphate” with some interesting details in the sixteen minutes of old battle videos cobbled together with some off the shelf animations and transitions.

The basic story-board is set up with Telegraph chat messages interspersed with narrated decrees glorifying terror events such as the Pulse NightClub event and strangely a few clips from the Boston Marathon bombing, together with battle fire fights accompanied with the ubiquitous chant like atonal music vibrating in background.  (Inside the Caliphate 7

Details include this slide with Anonymous.

The use of Final Cut Pro shows the use of an Apple work station.

The use of lower third news items attempts to add credibility.