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West Africa – Islamic State

Five and a half-minute video from West Africa titled “Disperse By [Means Of] Them” showing Islamic State affiliates attacking a Nigerian soldiers base with the same over run and looting tactics which have become the staple attack methodology. The attack on troops followed  the seizing of Gudumbali on Friday September 7th in Borno State. Print media are now reporting that the situation has returned to “normalcy” (The Guardian).

The title comes from Qur’anic verse 8:57 – “So if you, [Oh Muhammad], gain dominance over them in war, disperse by [means of] them those behind them that perhaps they will be reminded.”


Vic Market Bomb Plot – Media Hype

It has been reported that a plot to bomb the Vic Market was cooking on the wire. The market is at the top end of the city and is popular with Melburnians and tourists. It has come to light that a British amateur “jihadist hunters” had posed as a recruiter and was stringing along “recruits” and then passing that information to Police. This plot is apparently not the first time the informant has helped authorities foil attacks.

“The overseas plotter, Sajed, sent his “trainee” a 5000-page terrorism manual, which has chapters on creating improvised explosive devices and two videos on how to cook up a “bomb in a kitchen”. He requested maps and satellite images of the market, and told his recruit to map out the best route to deliver the bomb.” Hutchinson (TheAustralian)

This media barrage and “jihadi hunter” angle will dissaude people from internet connections (at least without verification) and to act in solitary.

A Victoria Police spokesman said the matter was assessed and it was determined they posed no threat.

“Our teams regularly receive information from various sources and carefully assess that information based on validity and risk,” the spokesman said.

“These matters were assessed earlier this year in accordance with that process and it was determined that they pose no threat in Australia.”

In this case why was it necessary to make it a front page news story? The other story that has been getting spun on high revolution is the Australian Army conducting an inquest into SAS soldiers actions some from ten years ago.

An Australian special forces soldier kicked a handcuffed Afghan detainee off a cliff before endorsing his summary execution, according to allegations made by direct witnesses.” (here)

What does the media think this will precipitate? Is this some type of fuel for riot porn ratings?

UPDATE – June 14th

Images have appeared in Australian Mainstream media of a German Nazi flag being flown on a vehicle. The event took place in 2007 and was summarily dealt with at the the time. This reiterates my point that media seek to provoke and agitate through the dredging up of such images. How will any fair justice be available to soldiers in the Defence Force Inquest?

Perhaps the politicians and journalists who have never been to Afghanistan, let alone a conflict zone should try and understand how “a twisted joke” can raise moral of the men and women who are repeatedly sent into this region and the stress and strains it places on their home lives. Read ABC tripe (here)

Flying the Nazi flag may be a representation of how the soldiers felt…in a far off country for some unkown reasons, doing the politicians dirty work? (War Pigs)

If this was the case below, you would never hear about it…

UPDATE June 15 2018 

The media deluge of this historical artefact has precipitated actions from a disaffected person to send threatening letters to a witness of the Defence Forces Inquiry. Below Mark Biskin (CoD) and Marise Payne (Min.Def) corrects “journalists” who persist with their poisonous rhetoric. (ABC


Man Monis sent letters to dead Australian soldier’s families. (tangentcode)

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Germany arrests returning Iraqi – Deash foreign fighters 

March 2018 – (125) PKK and YPG return to Germany (here)

Returning foreign fighters and juristiction (here)

Australian Terror Event – stabbed while sleeping

Australian man stabbed in the neck by a Bangladesh student who was staying at his house, while he was asleep.

Momena Shoma, 24, travelled to Melbourne on a student visa arriving February 1st, is accused of stabbing a 56-year-old man as he slept at 4.25pm.

This follows Quranic instructions in Surah 47.4 – “When you meet the unbelievers, strike at the necks...”

The Bangladesh woman had arrived in Australia on February 1st, staying at an international student accommodation before moving in with the family in Mill Park, a suburb not far from the Latrobe University campus.

Momena Shoma is facing one count of engaging in a terrorist act under the Commonwealth Crimes Act Section 101.1

Section 101.1 of the Criminal Code makes it an offence punishable by life imprisonment for a person to engage in a terrorist act. While this offence is not drawn directly from any international convention or treaty, it reflects recent international attempts to proffer a definition of terrorism based on the intention to spread terror through ideologically motivated crimes.”

Feb 13th, 2018 – Sister of the ‘Muslim radical Bangladeshi student who carried out an ISIS-inspired attack on a Melbourne father is arrested after ‘STABBING an anti-terror policeman at her family home’

Past Bangladeshi related terror events – (tangentcode) Port Authority NY. 

August 2015 – (tangentcode)

Bengal September 2016 – (tangentcode) Dhaka attack.


And You Will Not Harm Him At All – al-Khayr

Seventeen minute production from Wilayat al-Khayr showing a fire fight  and looting on an artillery re-supply post. The video moves through a series of rants and stitched together archive clips, including the Mosul entourage, building up to the last scenes of over running the base, shooting the attempted evacuees as they flee in vehicles, their efforts to evade Daesh are in vein as they are either killed in the vehicle or captured, only to be executed.

One man attempts to fight back but is overwhealmed by automatic fire. 

Looted ammunition and canons are carted away.

Iraqi PM had declared the ISIS issue over (BBC), however after watching this release one may think quiet the opposite is the case.

Fighters fleeing other areas of defeat would likely be joining up with calls in Anbar, which has been known to CENTCOM as the “wild-west”.

Iraqi Army combing Anbar for remaining ISIS terrorists – (ABNA)

U.S. Troops Now Under ‘Frequent’ Attack at Iraqi Base – (Time)

Last month, the Pentagon declared there were “no reports” of the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria firing on U.S. troops stationed at Iraq’s huge al-Asad base. This month, the Pentagon acknowledged Monday, ISIS has been routinely lobbing “completely ineffective” rounds at the U.S. troops training Iraqi forces at the base north of Baghdad.”

Melbourne – vehicular terror event

Video of the attack released December 23rd

“All you could hear was just ‘bang bang bang bang bang’.”

Eleven months on from the Bourke Street vehicular terror event a driver has “deliberately” knocked down nineteen pedestrians, one a four year old at a busy city intersection. Four of the injured are in critical condition.

The perp was dragged from the vehicle and held to the ground by citizens and an off duty policeman. The wounded, treated by passers-by. 

This event comes only a day after rioters pelted police with stones and sticks, destroyed citizens property all with zero arrests. (video here)

The Police held a media contact..

Below is a live report via ABC 

The driver, Noori Saeed, 32,  is known to police, has a history of drug abuse and violence and is on a current State mental health order. A possible motive has not been nutted out but it may be important to bear in mind that 2017 is the highest ordinance expenditure inside Afghanistan in seven years.

(War in Afghanistan: U.S.-Led Coalition Bombings Hit Seven-Year High) AND (Here)

Citizens at at the mercy of a dysfunctional State Justice System.

Correction – the registration plate thoery was incorrect. I made an error in reading the plate.

Another element reported by ABC 

A second man, 24, was seen filming the incident and was found to be carrying a bag with knifes in it. He was also arrested, but police believe he had no links to the incident. He is still assisting police with their inquiries.”

UPDATE – September 25th, 2018 

In the hours before the incident, Mr Gibson said, Mr Noori had a computer technician remove the hard drive from his computer, withdrew $7000 from his bank and left his Heidelberg West home after telling his wife he was going shopping for clothes.

He deposited $3000 into his mother’s bank account because he owed her money, the court heard, tried to hire a car from Preston but couldn’t because he didn’t have a credit card, and then visited his mother’s home and left in the SUV. He travelled by bus before he drove his mother’s car.

Police were unable to find the hard drive or account for the other $4000, the court heard.

‘‘I should be locked up. It was deliberate. There were voices.’ (here)