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Papua New Guinea – Machete Hot Blade Torture

The event took place in June 2021. Reports from the ground point to a sorcery claim after a child was afflicted by unknown ailments. There has been a spate of such torture deaths in the region in recent months.

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Extremist Movements and Radicalism in Australia – PJCIS Inquiry

The Above manual is for research purposes only and was initially leaked from the group.

Below is the original referral to the PJCIS from then Home Affairs Minister Dutton for context.

The request for consideration from Home Affairs to the Committee. (9th December 2020)

The terms of reference were then modified.(here)

The unpublished submission from Hesse.

Accepted as Correspondence

Videos for context (links in video box below player)

ASIO – Threat Report

Further References –

Man Monis’ FBI flag (here)

Monis’ digital epitaph

Myanmar – Brutal 2021

March 31st 2021

Eleven men were killed and five others were injured in a Myanmar military airstrike on a gold-panning site in an area under the control of the Karen National Union (KNU)’s Brigade 3 in Shwekyin Township, Nyaunglebin District, Bago Region.

March 27th 2021


Indonesia – Police HQ Shooter

Indonesia. 31st March 2021 National Police HQ a lone female attempts to shoot it out and gets dusted hard.

Enhanced video in 1920 X 1080 below

ref – Jemaah Anshorut Daulah

Police-General Sigit “From the profiling of the person in question, that person was a suspect or a lone wolf with the ideology of radical ISIS,” Police-General Sigit told a news conference, adding that she had left a note for her parents bidding farewell.

The attempted attack was likely intended as revenge for a sweep of police arrests of suspected religious extremists in recent days.