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Harvest of the Soldiers – Parts 1 – 11

Nearly four minute videos made up of short transitions showing percentage statistics in an effort to convey an image of resilience or perhaps announcing the Islamic State are still an entity. This release may also be connected to the attack in Sweida, the Baath Party centre, and the executions in recent days of hostages with the intention of striking fear into the citizenry.

Below is Parts 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 & 7 & 8 & 9 & 10 & 11

Part 3 

Part 4 

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8 


Part 9

Part 10

Part 11  – 10 October 2018 – is 1st safar 1440 AH






So Will They Not Repent To God – Dimashq

Eighteen and a half minute video from Wilayat Dimashq which is the Damascus Province media office. The video opens with the WhiteHelmets running around in building ruins which has been aired relentlessly by Western Media outlets. Most if not all of this vision is from March 12th, 2018.

The title of the video is lifted from Qur’anic verse 5:74, “So will they not repent to God and seek his forgiveness? And God is Forgiving and Merciful.”

Below, from the other side, March 12th, 2018

The video (below), also shows the fighters being bused out and also contains an extract from another WhiteHelmet fake gas production.

The video is full of signals which show the complicity between coalition forces and these scum bags on the ground.

This man is captured and executed. Syrian soldiers bodies are defiled and exhibited in some tasteless parade of grotesque imagery.

The image below show the situation from March 12th, 2018

March 12, 2018 –  bused out.

The Failed Confrontation – Sanai

Twenty six minute release via Islamic State Sinai, titled “The Failed Confrontation”   in retaliation to the Sisi Government offensive against Daesh February 2018, (WaPo) and the election (here).

“Egypt’s military says 16 troops have been killed and 19 wounded since a wide-scale operation against Islamic militants was launched.” 

The scenes of the firefight at the end of the release come from early Febrauary, “Protectors of Islamic Wars” (tangentcode). The video shows the ‘harass and retreat’ tactic the small cells of fighters use along with roadside IED’s, snipers and vehicle stoppages executing suspected soldiers.

Street assassins.

The armoured car is stolen, the policemen killed.

 UPDATE – April 18th, 2018

Egypt announced on Wednesday that its military killed the leader of the ISIS terrorist group in the Sinai region.

Colonel Tamer el-Rifai, a military spokesman, said in a statement that Nasser Abou Zaqoul was killed in a shootout with troops in central Sinai.

The military said it found a rifle, two grenades and a large quantity of ammunition with Abou Zaqoul.

The news came just days after the military said eight soldiers were killed and 15 wounded when militants wearing explosive belts blew themselves up as they tried to infiltrate a military base in central Sinai.

In February, Egypt launched a comprehensive plan aimed at eradicating ISIS from Sinai, where the group has entrenched itself in recent years.

The group has claimed responsibility for several attacks in the country that have left hundreds dead.

The massive operation also covers parts of Egypt’s Nile Delta and the Western Desert, along the porous border with Libya.

More than 100 extremists and at least 30 government troops have been killed since the operation, dubbed “Sinai 2018,” was launched, according to official figures.


Shadows of the Slaughter 5

Fifth part in an ongoing shoot and loot series from Furat following the formula of attacking under cover of sandstorms  evading air support.

The attack on the post is punctuated by a nice head shot to one over zealous Daeshbags, who moans away incoheantly waving a bloody finger around. 

I’m sure there is a good explanation…

Shadows of the Slaughter 4

Shadows of the Slaughter 4 from Furat is a five minute shoot and loot beginning with a rant in a room style lecture.

The same formula of story board is applied as the previous three parts (3) (2) (1). Attack and overwhelm an outpost, loot the ammunition and vehicles and capture and execute survivors.