Hell of the Apostates -2

This is the second part of the “Hell of the Apostates” from North Baghdad which is a retaliation for the situation Daesh find themsleves in after months of eroding territory and facing better equipped and trained opposition. The first video sets out a timeline of Daesh grieviances in a storyboard for the second part which documents the response.

September 2017, Iraq commences executions in larger numbers (AI), for example the execution of Russian Daesh fighter (telegraph) along with more evidence being uncovered  of war criminality in Mosul (hrw) and further evidence of events such as the Camp Speicher mass killing. (baghdadpost). In southern Iraq over sixty people have been killed in suicide VBIED attacks.

On May 13 and 15, 2017, two groups of aid workers and a foreign journalist said that they saw groups of corpses, 15 bodies in all, by the side of a road between the village of Athba and town of Hammam al-Alil, about 15 kilometers south of west Mosul. The area is entirely under the control of Iraqi government forces. One group said they had driven past the area a day earlier and the bodies had not been there, suggesting they were killed on May 12 or 13.”

Short on money and out of ammunition Daesh strike back at soft targets.

The video is made up a collage from previous videos as this frame below which is from the 2014 “Flames of War” (tangentcode) at 15.32

The other points of interest are the ‘rolled up’ cardboard found in one of the battle vests, below (from a vehicle IED’d and looted)

 …and the ‘blood fountain’ optical flow ending.

September 2017 – Nasiriyah attacks (wiki)

Part One Below (Images)