Hanau Shooter – Germany

Germany, nine people are shot dead in shisha bars in Hanau Germany. The shooter, Tobias Rathjen had posted a video in which he speaks about deep military bunkers and devil worship.

This thread of thinking appears in pockets of YouTube attracting the disenfranchised to believe in a “Pentagon Peadophile Task Force”.

Rathjen after shooting the shisha bars up returned home to kill his 72 year old mother and finally extinguishing himself.

Media have daubed the “white supremacy” tag all over this but it is not even close. This stuff is far more toxic and seems to have a life of its own on the internet where the crazier the idea the more attention it gets. This attention then magnifies the madness until the final acting out which is usually triggered by some fracture in the individuals life. This fracture can sometimes be as simple as an arguement with a family member or a Government body. The declining mental health in men also plays a prominent role in such events.