Haditha – French Foreign Fighter’s Dust offensive

May 2015 and the Islamic State were on the offensive to take Haditha. In this video below there is an interesting ten seconds, (starting at 0.47) of what seems to have been recorded from an aerial video platform. That is to say that Islamic State have added unmanned video platforms to their tactical planning.

The hum of a quadcopter is clearly heard and the gimbal panning of the camera, are both characteristic of a small aerial video platform.


The “hobby drone” is quiet a capable unit, travelling up to a kilometre (out of the box) and reaching great heights. To quickly deploy such a unit and ‘scope’ out your environment gives a guerrilla force equal footing to super power, but at a fraction of the cost.

The video below title “Spark of the Euphrates“,  shows the preparation of the truck bomb  and the last moments of Abu Maryam al Firansi.