Geolocating Islamic State – Al Bukamal


The video above shows the execution of “ground spoilers” and is titled “The state of the Euphrates // || visible implementation of the judgment of God on the spoilers on the ground

However, what is interesting is the location this video is made. In the background is a ‘jet on a stick”, which is plainly visible completely painted black. 

What made me take notice of the black painted ‘jet on a stick’ was an image from September 2014 which Associated Press, and many other mainstream media, were using, images of ‘flag waving men’ climbing over a “downed jet” with the headline, “Islamic State Fighters celebrate after taking down a Syrian Jet” (September 2014).

Headlien ISIL

I found this story of the alleged “shot down” Syrian jet unsound, and quiet easily with google maps and through publicly uploaded pictures surrounding Al Raqqa region anyone could plainly understand that the story was fabricated. I had originally posted this in September 2014, which can be seen (here). During this search near Al Raqqa, I also found the ‘jet on a stick’ in Al-Bukamal, the same black painted ‘jet on a stick’ that we see in the video. 

Below is a still image from the video, and the google maps picture from Al Bukamal, September 2014 below it, (taken from the left side of the ‘jet on a stick’.)  To verify, the geolocation co-ordinates are 34.453616 40.919759

The video is careful to show the normality and every day life in the town, and the level of civil control that Daesh have in this region. For example, to paint an entire ‘Jet on a stick’ would take a lot of black paint. The way Daesh have kept it, and almost lovingly adorned it, as opposed to blowing it up is perhaps similar to their attraction to the Hilux Toyota.

plane on sticks

AbuKamal-planeonstick - 3

From Google satellite view.

Al-Kamal And again, below the image from Google search.

Al Bukamal