Gemalto – heads or tails? Fake!

Much has been spruiked about the NSA and GCHQ “stealing” or intruding into Gemalto and contaminating all their ‘secret’ keys. Well that is a fairly basic interpretation. Now Gemalto have just released their synopsis on the  alleged “intrusion“. (here) test3-3 Anyone can look into this case themselves and find out who Gemalto is, what they do and how they do it. There is one peculiar detail that popped up, and that was the issues surrounding Alex J Mandl.

Alex was mixed up in a CIA hedge fund In-Q-Tel…and Gemalto has litigated against Google, Samsung, HTC over the Android operating systems in 2010. The latter of these two would be enough to raise the hackles of any spook worth his dog food. “How dare they!” In fact most blogs and fan boys totally omitted this thread.

I did try to openly debate with one of the Intercept persons.. 

RyanGalla-2   If you are wondering what all this was based upon..yes, that redacted Snowden slide.

take-2-2 There’s more to the Gemalto release, I encourage you to read it.

Gemalto=release-2   Its a bit sad..almost pathetic how the pretend media went after this. 

Gemal=24 Of course the greasy spoon jingo journos will say, “what do you expect them to say” …err, “see you in court”…?  The image below is from The Intercept’s article (here)…should put everything into perspective.


Or, maybe the best way to end this piece is to leave you with words from Gemalto themselves…


Also enjoy this video : The EyeOpener – Exposing ‘In-Q –Tel’: The CIA’s Own Venture Capital Firm

UPDATE 26 Feb 2015

As entirely expected, the chaps at The Intercept have issued a document, cloud amazon, news thing…a sort of ‘letter of demands’. This list goes to 11 and has more than a tinge of high school debating about it. (here) and (here)

It’s wonderful stuff and as I predicted, the attempt to turn the tables and put the burden of explanation on the Dutch Government is what is referred to as “the last bit”. This is where an attempt is made to recoup the last shreds of respectability and integrity. By putting all the emphasis on your adversary, blocking and overwhelming them with all sorts of nonsense requests, pages of endless emails, paper storming their workplaces, eventually an error is forced. This error, even an incoherent utterance, will be seized upon, manipulated, exaggerated and pontificated about. Great merriment will be made of “your error“.

Next the peripheral players move into the coal face and ‘demand’ that explanations be made, inquiries be held, committee’s formed, votes taken…this is an attempt to regain momentum, deflecting the focus away from the real questions that should be asked,… “where is “your” proof that such an event took place?”  

In a day or so there is movement away from the target, leaving some residual supporters and bots to thread kill any further discussion online. The episode is then forgotten, Gemalto fades into digital obscurity, the machine plots its next move.