Garland – “two men with explosives shot dead”


Two men shot and killed and one officer injured at a ‘Prophet Muhammad art caricatures exhibition’ in Texas.  


The two men opened fire as they drove up on the Curtis Culwell Centre where Pamela Geller in conjunction with New York based American Freedom Defence Initiative were appearing at ‘The Garland Mohammed cartoon free speech event’, the winner receiving ten thousand dollars.

Update: one of the gunmen identified.Garland-1

Elton Simpson, 30convicted in a terror investigation five years ago, but was given probation.”

 Twitter chatter between the attackers, more (here) and Pamela Geller’s statement (here)

The @_AbuHu55ain is the account linked to AbuHussainAlBritani aka Junaid Hussain aka Trick from TeamPoison, who in late 2011 (here), early 2012 performed a number of Anonymous-esque intrusions and defacements. (here) until finally reaching a tipping point and subsequently getting busted and sentenced to a small yet not insignificant jail time.(here)



UPDATE – 16 June 2015 (here)