Funding Clown – “beauty tips” with Isa Kocoglu

Appearing July 2018

This is Isa Kocoglu who has been arrested and held without bail in Melbourne, Australia. Charged with sending money to a Daesh fighter in Syria and designing and creating a website, which encouraged people to support ISIS.

American agencies had flagged Kocoglu to Australian authorities in Operation Pontefract as far back as 2015. In June 2016, the Australian Federal Police seized six electronic devices from his home, including hard drives and USB flash drives. Kocoglu receives a Government Disability Support Pension due to obiesity and mental health issues. He was born in Australia and has dual Turkish citizenship.

I am not satisfied that bail should be granted. ‘On the contrary, I think bail should be refused,’

Magistrate Luisa Bazzani

Kocoglu joins the league of failures which litter the Melbourne counter terror landscape*, the common demoninator through all of the cases, one Al Furqan mosque. (Raided in 2012).

Kocoglu was groomed much the same way teenagers are groomed by rape gangs.

It is alleged some four thousand dollars, most of which it seems came from Kocoglu’s Disability Support Payments, was paid through a web site link via PayPal link between November 2013 and August 2014. Aside from sending money through PayPal, the angle of “beauty tips” which was seized upon by media was an attraction Kocoglu used where “patrons” could ask a Daesh fighter questions regarding Halal “beauty tips”. Substantial payments were also made to John Georgelas, aka Yahya al-Bahrumi. 

‘This man is an unacceptable risk of reoffending while on bail,

Magistrate Luisa Bazzani

Kocoglu is due back in court on January 29. – “Alleged IS funder to test digital evidence” (here)

Kocoglu is one of many who will be trawled to the surface through the TRAC report, (tangentcode)

UPDATE – Committal Hearing – July 13th 2018“Melbourne disability pensioner to stand trial for allegedly funding Islamic State fighter” (ABC)

A directions hearing will be held in the Supreme Court next week.”



* “league of failures”