‘Frenchman’ – Abu Suhayb al-Faransi – Story From the Land of Life

Abu Suhayb al-Faransi is a French business man who converted to Islam and travelled to fight with Al Nusra then defecting to Islamic State in 2014. 


The fifteen minute video, “Story From the Land of Life” produced by Almayat Media has a similar storyboard to the Cantlie videos under the guise of ‘story telling’ and is basically Abu Suhayb al-Faransi’s  own conversion to Islam and pursuit of jihad.

There’s a lot of glazed eyes and thousand yard stares in the video which elude to the fact that the old Frenchman is playing with warped marbles. The lights are on, but no one is home. This is edited into a rambling and at times boring lecture only made watchable by the staged poses with a battered old AK-47 in the surrounds of a Mosque. At times I was hoping the gun would accidentally discharge to liven things up.

“The French figures involved in jihad in Syria and most recently in January 2014 saying that a total of 700 in all, involved in one way or another, since 2011.” (here)

video below