France unravels

January 7th 2015 and the attack on the offices of satirical zine Charlie Hebdo galvanises the digital interspheres.

The image of policeman, Ahmed Merabet, being shot dead, already wounded, posing no threat with arms raised as best he can…is an attack on what he represented.


France has some laws which by even it’s own standard of liberty seem a bit off.

The French burqa ban and street attacks on Muslim women manifest a troubling trend. Todays attack on the well known and fire bombed offices,(here) of Charlie Hebdo which resulted in a dozen deaths and as many injured should be a signal that not all is well in the great Republic.

The next morning a policewoman, Clarissa Jean-Philippe, was shot dead while investigating a car accident in Montrouge on Thursday morning.(here), south of Paris, at the scene of a traffic accident. Later an explosion at a Kebab Shop near a Mosque in Villefranche-sur-Saone.(here)


Through doing some searches on the internet one can find a strong thread of issues leading up to this event. The gunmen themselves were known to authorities to have trained in Yemen and recently fought in Syria.


Lastly the French Prime Minister left the media with this:



The next day France woke to a day which would turn everyday normality upside down.

The two gunmen who attacked Charlie Hedbo were spotted and chased down a highway in what seems like an attempt to reach the airport, but somehow ended up in an industrial estate holding a handful hostages at a printing company in Dammartin-en-Goele.


Dammartin -en-Goele




Then a second situation further unravelled as it became apparent the gunman who had shot and killed police woman Clarissa Jean-Philippe, yesterday, was now holding hostages at a Kosher Supermarket at Porte de Vinccennes

you know who I am

The idea of the decoy starts to take shape, previously thought to be unrelated this event gave the two brothers time to escape and draw police resources in two different directions using strategic guerrilla warfare training. The gunman would have planned each phase from the initial contact to escape. The support network webs, associates, friends, family will be forensically examined and further arrests will no doubt follow.


This was to sadly end with four of the hostage and the gunman who was identified as Ahmed Coulibaly being killed.


Below from 2009, this French report on Amedy meeting Sarkozy.



Perhaps the French Authorities should look at their security and data concepts and act rather than react. Particularly as it is revealed that Amedy had made online videos pledging allegiance to IS.

Hayat Boumeddiene is still at large and is suspected to have left France prior to the events unfolding.

A statement from ministers of the interior/and or justice and EU Council of Ministers 11 January 2015, (here)