Fall of Ramadi


Ramadi is approximately 110 kilometres west of Baghdad. Below are two videos which show the fierceness of the fighting.


The first shows interspersed news clips amongst the battle scenes as the unfolding fall of Ramadi takes place. 

The second video shows vision from on the ground. Weapon spoils are shown as are the identification documents of a number of Iraqi soldiers and officers. The dead Iraqi soldiers, which are clearly displayed, appear as if they have died at least a day before. No doubt any others would have vacated their positions prior to the fire fights, or mop up operations.


Well supplied and brimming with confidence the Islamic State fighters will take the fall of Ramadi as a push to further gains. With slim resistance and misguided Coalition protocols, Shia militia may be the only fighting forces able to restore control. Of course this pathway has it’s own difficulties as the old sayingbetter the devil you knowrates clarity to the destruction.