EyeFi – Public Event Control

Over the weekend Melbourne, Australia hosted a Marathon, which was wonderful. Approximately thirty thousand people registered and participated.pic2 I think this type of event is great, wonderful fun. But, has n’t there been some terribly bad luck surrounding these types of events. With the Boston Bombing still fresh in the minds of the people it would be neglectful to not have the very best surveillance and crisis management on hand. A lot was learnt from the Boston Bombing. Which is why I was particularly interested in this “surveillance post” deployment. eyefi As you can see from the ‘mudflap’ it belongs to Eyefi.com.au and below is the website. Looks nice.. eyfidotcomfrontpage But as I started to flip through the tabs on the web site I found one of the videos set to private. Okay, I can understand that, want to keep something unavailable from other industry competitors. Then I came across Simon Langdon.vimeovid Here is a picture of Simon in one the public vimeo videos. Simon gave witness testimony in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission. Simon founded and manages Eyefi and obtained his Assoc.Dip.Elec.Eng from Swinburne Institute of Technology in 1992. I did have some initial trouble tracking Simon Langdon and found another Simon Langdon in UK who is in almost the same field of work as our Simon Langdon. In the 2009 Royal Commission, Simon makes a couple of interesting points. 2009witnessThis was in 2009 and a great deal has been learned about Government over reach in recent times, particularly personal identification details, and the recording and storage of those details. One after the other cases surrounding the lack of security hit the media headlines, nonexistent encryption of personal credit card details, for example, the once reputable and Government sourced, Stratfor, completely failed its subscribers and clients by not using even minimum industry standard encryption. In 2009 commentators on the internet had yet to fully understand the depth and scope of the collection and data retention of citizenry. Without detracting from the great work that Simon and his company have done with bush fires, there is always the possibility that the information collected could be used in a way to cause harm. Without detracting from my original example of the Boston Bombing an erroneous identification occurred which caused those falsely accused to be in a situation which could have resulted in imprisonment or worse.BostonBomberpic-small Another example was the tragic shooting of two women mistaken for fugitive Christopher Dorner. This type of unguarded mentality is easily developed along with the public content and warrant free social media which provide opportunity for great manipulation. (see BlueJay) The deployment of an Eyefi surveillance pole can be of great assistance to public transport and Law Enforcement Agencies in balance with correct procedures and data retention policy. Australia is currently passing legislation which will change the way the surveillance, Interception and Access laws will operate in this country. In an environment on ‘high alert’ and the impending throng of super spooks G20 it can be easy to overlook the rights of citizenry privacy. Getting back to the marathon numbers. Thirty thousand people had registered for the event. That’s the email and mobile phone numbers taken care of. Also any other types of  questions regarding ethnicity, sex, age, allergies. All of which will be fully answered under the guise of Health and Safety. So just in registering there is a lot of valuable information already captured. Through the marathon course live video stream, software can now match up the registrant number with their image. This could then be stored with the details already collected along with FaceBook, and other social media. A sort of Trapwire Kraken on steroids. Understanding the depth of the collection is only one side of the story, who you ‘friend’ and which phone number you call, who your friends call and message, for how long, how often. And without too much trouble all the mail metadata can be picked up through the Metropolitan Address Post System which is Commonwealth so it’s ‘five eyes’ approved. Which banks, health Insurance, statements, debt collectors, everything that goes in your letterbox both virtual and real time. It’s only metadata, right? For a simple marathon one can see just how much personal identification data can be easily and legally obtained. With the amendments to the Telecommunication Intercept and Access Legislation coming up for reporting 29th October 2014  understand the point that ‘content collection’ is vastly wider and deeper than what George Brandis will have the Australian public believe. Eyefi like many other small contract surveillance companies should be seeking definition in regard to the upcoming Legislative Changes or risk being used in ways that they did not originally intend to be used. Public safety one day,  subjugation the next. The ‘what if ‘ is just around the next corner.