end of internet torrents? – iiNet & speculative invoicing

7th April 2015, Sydney Australia.

Federal Court Justice Nye Perram ruled in favour of Dallas Buyers Club LLC’s “preliminary discovery” application requesting that the ISPs disclose the identities of 4,726 people it alleges shared the movie online.

This could be the beginning of the ending for ‘torrent’ sites and the downloading of copyright material? (here)

Australia is the largest downloader of pirated material in the world. The ISP iiNet is no stranger to controversy as recently the TPG buy out made news.(here)

iiNet were also part of a case in April 2012, (video) where the ISP was not liable for the content on their system in regard to copyright material, so the focus was reset and put on the individual user.

But it’s not just iiNet…Dodo, Internode, Amnet Broadband, Adam Internet and Wideband Networks will also be required to hand over customer details.

And that VPN you are just about to subscribe to…they won’t hesitate to hand over your details, a more likely scenario is to use public wifi or an internet cafe next time you want to download the most recent movie.

The image below is from ipvanish Terms and Conditions (here) “Fastest and Fastest Growing Tier-1 VPN Network in the World” and will probably mean something different after today…


Speculative Invoicing …retrospective even?

If your ISP is not listed above…it’s possibly because they have such an agreement already in place.

Full Document from Federal Court (here)