Dust of War – 3 – Raqqah


As the title suggests this is the seven and half minute third part to “Dust of War” from Raqqah and again centres on thirty or so Daesh topped up with stimulants taking on a crew of half a dozen.

The video goes to lengths to prove what a success the event was, but the reality is they achieved very little in the skirmish.

Looting a small amount of ammunition and a few weapons, that they don’t even have ammunition for, these master of resources set ablaze vehicles and tanks possibly due to the fact that they don’t know how to use them. Who ever organised this event was either poorly informed or had no idea what was inside the Post, marked only with a few tents and containers.

Easy to spot the cook who carries away some of the looted food. Note FILA footwear


Dust of War – (2) September 2017

Dust of War    (1)