Dust Of War – 2 – Raqqah

The eight minute second part to “Dust of War’ from Raqqah (Part 1tangentcode) which shows the attack on Ghanem Ali. The video shows the convoy of VBIED’s line up prior to the assault. (Part 3 _tangentcode)

The same lightening strike tactics are followed, as canons on Toyotas are followed by a rain of small arms fire, the base is finally overwhelmed.

A number of soldiers are caught alive and beheaded or shot a close range with automatic fire. The looting then takes place as per standard Daesh operations.

 Ghanim Ali was retaken by Tiger forces August 27th re: (twitter) with over four hundred Daesh killed and dozens of armoured vehicles and destroyed. The comparison below shows Daesh attacking from the same position Tiger forces are seen August 27th.


(the area “looks similar” to the background shown in the September 2014 video releases tangentcode)