Drones Hit Hard

Recently Arab countries have combined to fight Islamic State, along side UK and coalition forces in the unmanned aerial combat and surveillance of ground forces.

The drone has a superiority in the theatre of war as it can convey movements across the wide expanses of Northern Iraq. Some have the ability to wipe local geography off the map.

This video starts with a column of smoke rising from a small village or town.Next the camera is besieged by men of all ages angrily shouting, others looked dazed. Body parts are displayed as the scenario for the attack unfolds. 

Perhaps a small mechanic shop or garage has been targeted leaving little behind. Human body parts are grotesquely displayed. a foot here, a smoldering hand there.

The combined action of destruction and human annihilation shows the uncompromising resolve of coalition forces against Islamic State.

“US Senators Urge NY Court to Make Drone Killing Memos Public” (here)

video below