Den of the Mujahidin – Furat

Nineteen minute video released  June 29th, which centres around the counter attack and destruction of a radio tower. The outpost is attacked for the best part of a day until through overwhelming tactics seen in many fire fights in the region, the barbed wire perimeter is cut,  followed by quick fire RPG attacks and drone bombings until the bases defences are decimated. The defilement of dead bodies, ubiquitous in Daesh videos, is grotesquely centred upon as the vermin scour the post for booty. Throughout the video small details appear which explain the regions tactical advantages, the huge open plains make a well camoflauged vehicle disappear into the horizon, the opposite with outposts lightly guarded and basically in the middle of nowhere. How this attack was n’t repelled with air support shows the  difficulty in covering the region with a coalition which is slow to respond by the inherent fractures that happen through language barriers and a traditional chain of command. One way to explain this might be to think of police response times in large cities, criminal gangs know they have a window of time to purpotrate the crime before it is responded to.

Note :  fighters with GoPro’s strapped to thier heads and the foreign fighter sniper training session.

video below


One section of the firefight the camera man almost catched a bullet in the head, and he knows it.

The reality however is quiet different as Daesh are slowly flushed out of Mosul. 

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