Demolishing the Idols – or collecting recyclables?

Destruction of a cemetery, or is it? This video shows the destruction of graves and headstones. The sledgehammers are swung about in an almost half hearted attempt, the damage to the graves is hard work and what it is intended to symbolise seems lost in translation. Ugly black clad men read off scripts in some vein attempt to show that what they are doing is right. This video is about the collection of building materials. A truck can be seen with reinforced steel neatly piled onto it. 

The notion that this is a deliberate strike against a religious group is just part of the event…this is just a group of thugs collecting recyclables and doing so in a place that would offer the least resistance…a cemetery.

ISIL used the Armenian Catholic Church of the Martyrs as their HQ. No doubt hiding from drone attacks behind the historical value of the building, it was then taken over by ISIS in May 2013.

They are the new dictators, just like Bashar al-Assad, but dressed in black. Only the colour has changed.” (here)




video below


The Mysterious Fall of Raqqa, Syria’s Kandahar. November 8th, 2013 (here)