Deir Ezzor – Ammo Dump Drone Video

This story popped up on news feed from ABC.  I checked and found a liveleak video, then a YouTube video, which to view needed a google account sign in. The video next in the play from October 19th “Syrian Army captured insane amount of weaponry from ISIS in Al Mayadeen which also needed a google sign in.  Also noted that both of the YouTube channels have WhiteHelmet videos in playlists.

This is the stadium near Al Fourat University, east from the cemetery. (source google maps)

“The watermark looks a bit worn out”

Watch the entire video and ask how a Daesh drone crew return, what looks like days later. The sequence prior show a huge black cloud which magically vanishes in the next shot.

Amaq videos from July to September for reference (tangentcode)

Other missing details like the obligatory announcement page and ending.

How else to dispose of enemy ammo? If I am wrong and this is all bone fide then I will happily say so. Note the shadow on the stadium for time reference in image below.