Deir ez-Zor دير الزور execution of SAA Soldier

Video has appeared showing a captured SAA soldier, Razi Hamza, being executed with a single shotgun blast.  

  Deir ez-Zor is shown highlighted with red pointer in image below.

Deir ez-Zur

“France occupied Deir ez-Zor in 1921 and made it the seat of a large garrison. Meanwhile, the region was locally ruled by Haj-Fadel Abboud, a member of an aristocratic family. In 1941 British-led forces defeated the Vichy French during the Syria-Lebanon campaign, which included a battle over Deir, and they handed administration of the region to the Free French. In 1946 it became part of the independent Republic of Syria.” (source: Wikipedia)

 The region has been the site of prolonged combat over recent weeks.


Video below