Death by RPG, Drowning and Detonating cord

This video was originally released 23rd June 2015 and shows the murder of alleged ‘spies’ from the Iraqi Government inside Mosul at the hands of ISIS.

The first execution depicts four men being placed into a stationary vehicle which is then fired upon with RPG. The second shows an elaborate cage holding five men who are lowered into a body of water. Cameras strategically mounted on the cage captures the grotesque struggle as the men succumb to the effects of drowning. The cage is lifted out of the water showing the captives lifeless bodies, faces covered in internal lung fluids.

The last episode shows a number of men kneeling on the ground as their captor wraps a blue detonating cord about their necks. The ensuing explosive force is replayed in reverse as the camera pans out to show a lone captive watching as in a warning to others.