Deash Media Office Letters

Correspondence between Daesh media offices has recently been published along with an English translation through Musings of an Iraqi Brasenostril on Jihad. The letters dated between April 22th, 2017 to May 5th, are between the Province media offices and Security Office and discuss issues with Wiliyat Raqqah’s production of recent video or lack of it. Raqqah media has not met with the standard set forward by the Media Committee, and what has been recorded showed secret details not for release.

– The battles against the Kurdish apostates.
– The establishment of 7 Shari’i hudud punishments that the brothers in the realm of Hisba carried out.
– An inghimasi operation in Ayn Issa in which the soldiers of the Caliphate killed 40 apostates and took 5 prisoners.
– Initiatives of the Diwan al-Khidamat in Wilayat al-Raqqa for which the Diwan spent a sum of 30,000,000 Syrian pounds [c. $54500-60000].

 The only other notable releases were Birthed Nation (tangentcode) and Dust of War (tangentcode).  Amaq have been regularly releasing battle video and firefights.

whoso disdains it, the fruit of his jihad goes invain. And who slackens from supporting his brothers in assignments…

“These three filmed suspect video clips including clear scenes of the mujahideen at the points of their ribat [frontline points] and their fortification in Wilayat al-Raqqa, and they have displayed a great shortcoming in undertaking the obligations imposed on them by their amir Abu al-Hassan al-Iraqi.”

 The security office is concerned with suspect video clips that show sensitive military positions and sniper cover, and is calling for  “verification” of the three individuals.

“Some of the clips also showed the boundaries of the old enclosure in Raqqa city on which the fighters of the Islamic State have built fortifications and coverings for snipers within the plan put in place to defend the city.”

In the final letter in handwriting, takeing into account the office’s current situation,  addresses the internal squabbling between the media offices as vacancies appear in the Wilayats hierarchy due to Coalition targeted bombing. (Mawkab al-Nur made the Procession of Light videos series (tangentcode) 

The correspondence records Amaq for the first time in an official ISIS document.

Please track the ongoing disagreement between al-Furqan Media and ‘Amaq in Wilayat al-Raqqa following which the issuing of Mawkab al-Nur particular to the wilaya came to a halt.”

The mention of Rayan Mash’al, in the response on May 5th to Security Office’s want to “verify” is also an interesting detail;

As for Abu Safa’, he abandoned work with the brother Rayan Mash’al following ideological disagreements according to our particular knowledge.

Rayan Mash’al is said to have been one of the founders of Amaq News Agency, his death reported on FaceBook by his brother,31 May 2017. (pic below)During 2016 Daesh were purged from the internet, it was only Amaq that kept them afloat, which is possibly the reason why the Offices hold  Rayan Mash’al with such respect.

To the brother Rayan Mash’al may God protect him.”

What this demonstrates is the manufacturing and carefully vetted details, such as the fortifications showing possible weaknesses. It also shows the internal security chain of verification inside the video production media.