Daesh vs Twitter and assorted fakes

Yes it’s come down to Daesh Vs Twitter. The guys in the black pyjamas are furious at twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey closing down Islamic State supporter’s accounts.

It’s only when you start to understand how twitter works that you can see the real issue here, account validation. (here)


This justpaste (here) has been floating around and shows the way in which accounts can be reactivated and how to verify an account without using the phone number validation protocol.

This is the way twitter protects itself from robots and bots. If you have opened a twitter account recently you will know that the verification process for a new account is quite involved.


The old sock account, fake 10 minute email trick is no more. Similarly if you log in to twitter through Tor or some masking software, twitter will prompt you to sign in using the email account. If you do not abide by the requests, twitter suspends the account. It’s just how twitter works. 


However, it also would n’t surprise me if Jack was up to his old “look at me” tricks. When Ferguson was at it’s height of spin, Jack pops up making ‘Vines’,..which just happened to coincide with Jack releasing a new credit/debit card reading device and application, “Square”.

The video below is another example of how easy it is to make Islamic State images for the counter spin social media campaigns.