Daesh Guerrilla Training – Expert Level

Daesh Guerrilla Training?…well, if that’s what you call showing old US Army and Navy Seal training videos and prancing around in a track suit.

The video below is not the entire 17 minute masterpiece, (here) but just enough for people to get an idea of what a shoestring operation Daesh is.

How they manage to pull off some of the missions must be down to dumb luck and complete surprise. 

Other elements of the groups daily life are exposed; cooking, first aid training,..all while the attentive attendees make copious notes in spirax folders.


Along the way we hear the ‘Tigers’ cadence and well,..it’s hard not to poke fun at these guys struggling to keep in step, obviously out of breath after a few minutes.

No doubt there is a ready supply of canon fodder, as can be seen by the young teenagers in their midst.

(One other annoying aspect of this video is the organic focus pulling which just shows how dirty the camera lens is.)

video below