Daesh Drone Vision VBIED Attack – November 2016

This is an extract from a video titled “Indeed, Victory [Comes] With Patience” via Wilāyat Dijlah which shows a ground forces attack in tandem with a VBIED recorded with a hobby drone. The overwhelming surprise of the attack coupled with the ferocity of the fire fight allows enough leadtime for the VBIED to travel to the target and drawing cover fire for the ground fighters. As far as a propaganda tool this video production editing between the ground and mechanical support gives a sense of control and confidence, and outlines the basic strategy Daesh have used in Iraq over the past two years. This type of video production is designed to back up or bolster morale, to make the fighters feel that they have the backing and support from his trained comrades, and that they all fight for the same thing, it makes the whole operation look easy and that there is no chance anything can go wrong. In another war the now infamous Baghdad Bob’s and his report, “The Americans are on the Moon” is perhaps similar in its intent. 

 From October 2015