Cub Caravan – Information Office of the mandate of Nineveh


This video is titled “Information Office of the mandate of Nineveh offers: Cubs Caravan advocacy succession // 1 Rajab 1436” and is dated in (Gregorian calendar) as 20 April 2015.

The “Cub Caravan” is shown pulling up to a small amusement park, with rides and food stalls.  A crowd is seen gathering as the “Cubs” start ranting and gesticulating, the crowd looks puzzled almost hypnotised by the unfolding show.

Children dressed in camouflage with pseudo suicide bomb vests, raised arms and pointing index finger to the sky, shriek into the public address near feedback. ChildRadical

Nineveh in recent days, (here) has become yet another city that the Islamic State have driven Christians from. The demolition and the threatened destruction of the Nineveh city walls shows the frustration Islamic State are facing as there controlled territory diminishes. This is an attempt to dig in, to win the hearts and minds of the people, or is it more a warning? 

video below