Crashed Iranian Drone – Islamic State fake

Images and video hace percolated through the internets showing a crashed Iranian Ababil-3.

Of course it does n’t take long for the spin to makes its way to the twitter sphere, a place not known for accuracy of reporting.

The video shows the wreckage which seems remarkably intact. Across the wings, dust can be seen to have settled, which is the result of being on the ground for some time.


A more fitting dialogue for this video is; 

“we found a broken down drone…and it’s Iranian, with Iraqi”

Maybe, maybe not…flying drones in other territories with another nations rounds on them is not unknown, it also aides in confusing the enemy. (here)

Something clearly shown in this video.

From July 2014.

Iran has deployed Ababil UAVs to Baghdad’s Rashid Airbase to carry out intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in support of Iraqi forces battling an offensive by the Sunni militant group that calls itself the Islamic State.’ (here)

video below

IS wreckage finder